Microsoft Surface Coupon Code Get Surface from $499.00 on Pre-order

If there’s one word that describes the new Microsoft Surface appropriately, it’s this. Sublime.

Luxury, style and convenience redefined, the upcoming Microsoft tablet, Surface, is sure to take the computing world by storm. Microsoft’s debut venture into the tablet zone, Surface comes in two variants – Surface and Surface Pro. While Microsoft Surface is slated to hit stores in October 2012, Surface Pro shall make an appearance in January next year. And if first impressions truly count, Surface sure won’t let you down. So, be smart and count your chickens before they hatch. Search for exclusive microsoft surface discount deals online and pick your Surface, without hurting your pocket!

Ultra sleek at 9.3mm, the ARM powered Surface for Windows RT is sure to steal the show with its go gaga looks. Unbelievably lightweight at 676 grams, the Surface is compact and portable. It has a heavy-duty battery and an amazing storage capacity. Plus, it lets you create, collaborate and charge your mobile, on the go, making it the perfect gadget to suit your busy, zip-zap-zoom lifestyle. And with a Microsoft surface promo code, you stand a chance to own this ecstasy at a handsome discount.

Surface Tablet Starts $499.00

A Surface to suit every occasion, this Microsoft tablet will prove to be a great companion on vacations as well. Get ready for edge of the seat entertainment with your Surface, as your Micro SD card slot, now lets you carry all your holiday must-have movie and music collection wherever you go. Driven by Microsoft’s Clear Type HD Display Technology, the Surface has a brilliant 10.6 inches, 16:9 widescreen HD Display. Get your Microsoft surface coupon code now, for when it comes to quality of picture delivery Surface is the show stopper you definitely don’t want to lose! Its intelligent auto adjusting screen intensity feature vouches for supreme visual clarity. And just so you don’t look the spoilt recluse, it features an extensive viewing angle, to let your friends share in the experience as well. So if you could bag a Microsoft surface deal, you are sure to be seen clinging to this priceless possession even on those precious vacations.

The Surface has a .77 mm thick, built in “kickstand” along the breadth of the tablet, which allows for comfortable hands free viewing. Now, one of the most interesting features of Surface is that it comes with dual camera. These cameras, named Life Cam, truly enhance the experience of record and chat. While you can chat with your near and dear ones using the front facing Life Cam, the rear facing Life Cam is scientifically angled so you can use it record meetings and events hands free, as your Surface sits propped up on the kickstand. And all this could come for a princely discount if you can lay your hands on a Microsoft surface promotion code.

Now, connect to friends and family over Skype like never before with superb stereo speakers and dual microphones that bring a “right beside you” flavor to your distance conversations. Not to miss out on the Touch and the Type Covers– two unique keyboard types that Surface brings. And while you thought they were just facilitators for typing, here’s what you’ll love. When folded up, they connect to the tablet via a magnetic strip and form a protective cover over your Surface!

The news is out. The wait is short and a Microsoft surface tablet promo code is all you need to bridge the gap. So, buck up and save those bucks with your Microsoft windows RT promo code and bring envy home!


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